Glen Garioch Distillery

Glen Garioch Kegs

The tour takes us to see behind the scenes at Glen Garioch Distillery. Founded in 1797, Glen Garioch is one of the oldest operating distilleries in Scotland. Visitors can enjoy an interesting and informative guided tour, sample the whisky and pick up a souvenir from the visitor centre.

The Manson brothers first set up the distillery and 220 years of perfection still goes into every bottle bearing their name.

There are several different tours as follows:

1) Introduction Tour

This tour takes approximately one hour and includes a taste of the Founder’s Reserve whisky.  Entrance price is £8 per person.

2)  Wee Tasting Tour

This tour lasts around one and a half hours and includes a visit to the distillery warehouse viewing gallery.  Thereafter there will be a chance to sample two of the single malts.  Entrance price is £17.50 per person.

3) A  Rare Pair

At the end of this one hour tour taste various Glen Garioch whiskies with cheese and chutney. This tour must be booked one week in advance. Entrance price is £40 per person.

4) Legends of the Garioch Experience

This unique tour last half a day and highlights the location, past and legends associated with Glen Garioch. Included is lunch served in the 800 year old whisky cave bar of a local hotel. This tour must be booked one week in advance with a minimum of two people. Entrance price is £150 per person.